Ladies and gentlement ,
                           We are very glad to tell you that we are very glad to help people or some people to have jobs . Because the jobs are very important for them and for their family .
                            Now we have 5 female,one male driver ,and female assistant manager .You know we always encourage women to work to join in the society .
                           Our samsoguesthouse (we) would like to thank the guests who stay in our guesthouse (#0164,Wat Bo village,Siem Reap ,Cambodia ),because our staff can have jobs to support the life of their families.Most of our staff are from remote area and country-side .
                           Your stay in our guesthouse is the support for our staff and our family .
                           You know, we would like to thank very much also that our staff  have been working very well for our guesthouse ,so that is why we still have many guests staying in our guesthouse.
                           And we hope that you will stay in our guesthouse or recommend about our guesthouse  to your friends and your family to stay in our place when they wish to come to Angkor Siem Reap Cambodia.           
                           We are offering you very affordable price ,very good services like some very good guesthouses,hostels and hotels in Siem Reap Angkor Cambodia . 
                           We hope that when  we have more guests ,we will employ other people to work for us .Especially ,the female applicants are priority.
                           Your holiday in Siem Reap or other places in Cambodia is to help people of Cambodia .People can have jobs to support the life of their families .
                            We join also in the social societies from our profit like :
                           >  Helping some poor people who do not have mosquitos nets.
                           >  Helping some poor children for their school.
                           >  We buy some bicycles for children ,so the children now can go to schools.
                           >  I am Sam So.I have  been teaching children  English in my village for free  for mor than 8 years .I always advice them to do good things to be good people .And I hope they will have very good future .             
                           We are very happy that we can join to help some in our Cambodian society       

                                                                                                                                                               Written by SAM SO


Certificate of Excellence
2012 Winner
Sam So Guesthouse, Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province


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