Ladies and gentlemen,
              I am very pleased to tell you about my SAM SO family :
              I am SAM SO the youngest son of Mr.Nuov Savy  and Mrs. Treng Sim.My parents have 3 sons :Sok Kampul (1973), Nuov Veasna(1979) and me (Sam So,1980).
              During Pol Pot regime ,my parents were working very very hard.They were living in Battambang and Banteay Meanchey provinces .The life of my parents was like other peoples, at that time they worked hard but not enough food to eat .All people in Cambodia have got sufferings from The Pol Pol regime.
                   Forunately,in 1979, Pol Pot  regime finished my parents and family survived.My father was a soldier and mechanic (repairing the bicycles).My mother worked with him (bicycles) .In 1980s My father had got tuberculosis for about 4 or 5 years.He was verry sick ! My father is well now ,because he had got good medicine. My mother worked very hard to support family's life.
              In 1995 , my older brother Veasna decided to stop his study because the our family was very poor.My oldest brother Kampul (lives in Phnom Penh Capital),sent my parents some money to help family .  

               My parents and my 2 brothers worked very hard to help me for my study .

               When I finshed high school in 1998.I learned german language.I learned in the tour guide school which was opened by the ministry of tourism in Cambodia .I became a tour guide in Siemreap Angkor ,Cambodia. I work as a tourguide from 1999.I am working as tour guide for English ,German,Italian languages,in Siem Reap,Angkor Wat,Cambodia.

               I (SAM SO ) have been teaching children English  for free for more than 8 years.

               Why do I teach them ? Why I do not take the money from them for this teaching .

               Because, their families are poor.

               My family was very poor .My parents and brothers worked very hard to send me to school.

               My parents told me that STUDY is the future .

               I never forget what my parents advised me .

               I know , I can not help all people .But I am very glad that at least I can help  some people for our society .

                                     Help each other for the bright future of   our World  !!!!!!!!!!!!

              In 2001, I got the schoolarship(3 months) from Rotary Club of Siena (Italy) to study Italian language and culture in the Univeristy(Universita'  per stranieri di Siena) .At that time ,Mr.Alberto Fiorini was a president of this Club.His wife is Bruna .

             In 2003(3 months) and 2009(3 months) ,I received the schoolarship for studying in Italy again .

              My family and I would like to thank people of Rotary Club di Siena,Alberto Fiorini,Bruna ,Bruna's family very much for helping me to have opportunity to study abroad (Siena ,Italy). 

       I regard Alberto Fiorini and Bruna as my god parents  forever !

       I studied  in the Tourism Management University 4 years .I gratuated in 2007 in Tourism . 

       I got married with Ms.Sel Sotheavy. During my wedding my friends came from Italy to attend my wedding ceremony, Mauro Cappelli and family.I was so glad ,surprised when Mauro and his family came for my wedding .Now,I have a daughter Thida (born  01.01.2009) and a son  Vitou(07.08.2010).

      My parents and my brothers decided to use my name to name guesthouse(sam so guesthouse).

      We hope when you come to visit Siem Reap , Angkor ,Cambodia you will stay with us .

      We are very proud of you for receiving you as guests staying in our guesthouse.We hope you will support us.We are very glad to organize this sam so guesthouse, because we can help some people to have jobs and help some poor people from some of our guesthouse's profit.we are very happy,proud to join developing our country.

       Ladies and gentlemen,you can see us in our gallery .This picture is is a picture of my family and my wedding ceremony,my friends and tourists .

                     We would like to wish you and your family best wishes and good health.

                     We hope to see you soon.

                     We look forwards to seeing you.

                     Kind regards,                                               I wrote these pages from my real heart !

                     Sam So and family

                     You can contact us :





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