You will feel immediately home when you stay in our samsoguesthouse.
Our samsoguesthouse  locates in the center of Siemreap city, about 7 minutes walks to old markte,pub street, night market; locates closed to some good siemreap hotels of Cambodia, locates about 3 minutes walk to Raffels hotel Cambodia(after your tour in angkor siemreap, maybe you can go to have look in this hotel or have some drink in the very famous siem reap hotels in siemreap Cambodia).


It locates about 15 minutes to Angkor temples site.Angkor site is in the north of samsoguesthouse.Our guesthouse will offer you very good prices  like some cheap high quality hotels, cheap high quality guesthouses in Siem Reap cambodia, we will do our services for you like some hotel siem reap Cambodia or some, very good  budget guesthouses or other tour companies in Cambodia, and we will do our best to make your holiday very enjoyable.

.Floating village (Ton Le Sap lake) is located about 10 km in the  south from samsoguesthouse.

.Old market ,night market ,pub street are near the Wat Prom Rath pagoda ,street 9 in the south from samsoguesthouse .It takes about 7 mn by walk  from samsoguesthouse to these places.You can walk on the Pokambor Ave,you will arrive these places

.Airport is in the west .It is about 15 mn drive from samsoguesthouse to the airport.

.Angkor site or Angkor Wat  is in the north .It takes about 10 mn drive or 6 km from samsoguesthouse to the Angkor site or Angkor Wat by the Charles De Gaulle Road.

                                         You can see our location by this google map that shows you the directions.

View Sam So Guesthouse in a larger map


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